Time runs on

I might have a frontal sinus inflammation, the last dive of my freedive (a couple of days ago) course was really painfully, I wanted to go down so bad but the pain in my forehead was to great.
In the middle of this lagun there was this cenote underwater going down to 85m, first 7m was so green that you only saw green and after that I was told it should be crystal clear. But dy to my sinus I was only able to reach 5m.

Today at the cenote during training. I arrived early as usual, so I decided to get some snack before we took of, I found a pharmacy that sold corona bears. At the end of the dive I experienced a reversal squeeze of my frontal sinus, that was so painfully.

The restaurant we stopped at after the cenotes deserve a picture. Not just a funny name but for the really good food as well.



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